29/12/2009 - 4 Responses

Haven’t updated for a looong time~~ it’s not like I’ve forgotten about this blog but… I have nothing to write about.
Anyways! I got 2 tickets (since Jenny’s not coming) to Utada‘s concert, I’m sooo excited!
And.. K i n g d o m  H e a r t s : Birth by Sleep is released in Japan in 11 days. I want it so bad.

Watch the trailer w/ English subs here

See? Sora’s there, at the end of the trailer! I smell KH III~ *gasp*

I don’t have a PSP but.. I’ve been thinking of buying this:

Ain’t it HOT? I must have a looong conversation about this with my dad.
I wonder what he thinks since my family has almost all possible consoles (except PSP, damn!)

That’s all, see you.


Here I am~

10/11/2009 - Leave a Response

H e l l o ~!! (^○^)/ ヤッホー

I guess I got bored with Blogspot… not that anyone reads this one anyways. But I’m going to be active here, I promise! Oh yeah, and I’ll write in English. I’m not a pro but I want people to understand what I write.



To the main thing: Utada’s ‘In the Flesh’ -tour! There’s only _1_ date for Europe, and that’ll be in London. I’m so going! Because going to America is probably not possible. I’m really stressed and concerned about the tickets. I’m supposed to get 3 ticks. I live in Finland, for God’s sake! This is killing me.


List about things I should do:

– getting more info about the tickets and actually GET THEM
– to convince my father about going to London… is in process I hope
– stressing and panicking a lot, DONE
-to look for possible part-time jobs
– cutting and dyeing my hair

… yeah. Help please D:
♥: Annika